Updated Game Day Parking Information

  • By Mike Montoro
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  • August 22, 2014 04:04 PM
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  Click on image to see a larger version of the new football parking map for 2014
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. –With the home opener of the 2014 WVU football season scheduled for Sept. 6, the WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is providing a guide to help fans, especially Blue Lot parking pass holders, with game day parking and tailgating information.
“The beginning of football season is always an exciting time on the WVU Campus,” said Matt Wells, WVU Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs. “There also are a lot of exciting things going on at the WVU Hospital Complex as the hospital continues to grow and serve the residents of the state in a first-class manner.
“With the growth of the hospital there are some changes to game day parking procedures in the stadium lots, specifically the Blue Lot.  We are releasing information on these changes to give fans time to familiarize themselves with the reconfigured lot and to make them aware of what they can expect on game day. We urge fans to review this information and ask for their patience and understanding as we implement this new plan. We will diligently monitor the new procedures and make adjustments as needed throughout the season to improve our fans’ experience in the stadium lots.”
Due to ongoing construction with the tower project and the roadway relocation around the WVU Hospitals Complex, the following information details changes to parking and tailgating areas surrounding Milan Puskar Stadium.
The major area affected is the lot known as the Blue Lot on football game days. The Blue Lot has undergone an extensive reconfiguration as part of the ongoing projects at the WVU Hospital Complex, which has resulted in the loss of approximately 300 parking spots.
All aspects of game day parking in the Blue Lot have changed due to the reconfiguration of the lot. Vehicular traffic will no longer have access to Med Center Drive, the road directly in front of Ruby Memorial Hospital, as the road has been reconfigured. In addition to the roadway reconfiguration, the entrance and exits points to the lots also are different than in years past.
Due to these changes in the Blue Lot, the WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has worked in conjunction with the WVU Hospital administration and each of the law enforcement agencies involved in game day parking operations to assemble a plan.
This plan is aimed at helping Blue Lot holders navigate the lot on game day. Fans are encouraged to review these changes and familiarize themselves with the new setup, in an effort to minimize the impact these changes will have on their game day routine.
One important procedural difference on game days is a change to how fans pick their parking spot. There will be a time frame each game day where fans can enter the Blue Lot and park in any available space. However, there also will be a set time each game where fans who access the lot will be directed to the next available parking spot.
Other changes include:
  • The portion of the new roadway directly in front of the Milan Puskar Stadium North Gate will be closed to vehicular traffic to avoid creating gridlock due to heavy amount of pedestrian traffic in that area.
  • Reconfiguration of the Blue Lot has reduced the available green space and altered the placement of trash receptacles and portable restroom facilities.
  • Fans should consult the game day parking guide on WVUSports.com for additional information and appropriate maps www.wvusports.com/page.cfm?section=9609
A few important items to note:
Blue Lot Parking
Please note blue lot vehicle permit holders will have unrestricted parking (ability to choose parking space) as follows:
  • Game time Noon – 1:30 pm – open parking from 7-8 am
  • Game time 2-3:30 pm open parking from 7-9:30 am
  • Game time 4-6:30 pm – open parking from 7-11 am
  • Game time 7 pm or later – open parking from 7 am - noon
  • Weeknight games – open parking prohibited
RV Parking Schedule
  • Blue lot general RV parking lot E now opens at 8 am on Friday
  • Blue lot general RV parking lot D (including front row) now opens at 11 pm on Friday
  • Blue lot front row RV parking in areas C2-C6, C8, and C10 now opens at 8 am on Friday
  • Blue lot front row RV parking (areas not mentioned above) now opens at 6 pm on Friday
  • Light blue RV parking now opens  at 6 pm on Friday
  • Light blue auxiliary RV parking (new lot by Chateau Royale) now opens at 12 noon on Friday
  • Red RV parking (Law School) now opens at 3 pm on Friday
  • Green RV parking (across from United Center) now opens at 3 pm on Friday
Starting with the 2014 season, there will be no thru-traffic permitted on Med Center Drive (in front of Ruby Memorial Hospital).  Previously, thru traffic without a blue lot permit was permitted; however, given the new hospital roadway configuration, Med Center Drive will be open only to Blue Lot permit holders.