Football Player Quotes: Georgia State

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  • September 10, 2013 08:15 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Members of the West Virginia University football team addressed members of the media Tuesday night.

Offensive Coordinator Shannon Dawson

On the good, the bad and the ugly against Oklahoma
We had opportunities no doubt. We had a bunch of guys that did not make plays. We had opportunities to win the game, but obviously that game is over with and now you move on. We had guys that we put in position to makes plays, and they need to step up.

On being close to make plays
Turnovers and penalties hurt us. When you get out there and drive down the field to the 10 yard-line then fumble the ball, that is not good. Ball security has been an issue, and we addressed it over and over. They need to believe in it and in that what we are telling them is true. Other than that, after all the mistakes, we still had an opportunity to win. We need to understand that no matter how the game unfolds, you need to make the play at the end of the game to win. Our energy needs to stay up throughout the whole game. Our defense is holding and fighting, and we need to give them a little hope.

On all three quarterbacks listed as potential starters
We are repping all three and looking for who wants to lead the group. We have a good group out there, and it is no different at quarterback as it is at receiver. If a guy is not playing well, and we evaluate a change needs to be made, then a change will be made. We do not have a guy with a lot of banked hours of doing it right so with that being said, we have capable guys in the room and we will get other guys opportunities. We are going to find out who wants to play and doesn’t want to play.

Junior running back Dreamius Smith

On Smith's touchdown at Oklahoma
The offensive line did a great job of opening up a hole, and I stuck my foot in the ground and got vertical to make the play. It was a blessing to get in there my first time at West Virginia, and I just wanted to celebrate and let them know it was the first touchdown.
On only running the ball one more time for rest of the game
I do not know what the game plan was behind that. I just go with the game plan though and keep working.

On blocking in the game
I missed a kick block that caused a turnover, and I take all the responsibility for that. Blocking is an area I am working to improve on. Once my blocking improves, the more carries I can get it sounds like. It is a strong part of the game. Everyone needs to be able to block well and that is a part I am working on day in and day out in practice and during individual workouts.

On playing Georgia State
We need to come out and play our game. We can not look down to them just because they recently entered division I. They are a great team and have great players, and we are going to play our game.

Redshirt Senior Offensive Lineman Pat Eger

On playing center at Oklahoma
I got to play two series at center last week. It was the first time I have ever played center in a college game, but I was happy all my snaps were good. That was the biggest thing I was worried about. I played smart and played fast. My natural position is wherever I need to play to help the team win.

On development from last season
I had never played center until this past spring. Coming off of ankle surgery last season and rehabbing that, and then making it half way through spring and hurting my other ankle, it was rough mentally. I pushed through that and got in treatment rooms as many times as I could a day. As summer and the season came around, I was 100 percent ready to go.

On learning center
As soon as I got done lifting, I would do around 50 snaps a day just to try and keep that motion and muscle memory fresh. During spring ball (former West Virginia center) Joey Madsen was in town for a weekend and worked with me for a couple hours a day for two days.

Redshirt Junior Cornerback Ishmael Banks

On the difference from last season to this season
We are more confident on defense. People know the scheme and everyone is in the right position the majority of the time. The biggest thing I would say is confidence. That is the same it is with me as well. My confidence this year has gone to another level, and I am feeling good about myself. This is the position I have always played. I am at home when I am at the corner.

On the Oklahoma game and redemption
I did not get the redemption I wanted, but I got a little bit. I got a couple of good hits in but that wasn't what I was looking for. I would have rather come out of there with a win, but I am just going to keep working and playing hard. There are 10 games left in the season, and there is no reason we can't win all of those.

On playing Oklahoma this season compared to last
They were running a lot of zone and option reads so it was mostly having to be in the right place. Somebody would have the ball one play, and then it would be completely different the next. We had to be more focused, and that is what coach (Keith) Patterson tried to get us prepared for and he did a good job doing so.

Assistant Coach (Defensive Coordinator) Keith Patterson

On how the defense performed against Oklahoma
The effort was there. We allowed some cheap yardage and let some guys get out on the boundaries on us in the second half. We had them backed up to the one-yard line one time and let them flip field position on us. Those things are disappointing because they were really close together.

We had freshmen out on the field, and they maybe took advantage of that. We allowed some big runs in the second half, and that was probably the most disappointing thing. I thought the production was good.

On improving the run defense
It just boils down to doing what you’re coached to do. We had some misalignments. Everybody is talking about our rush defense and if not mistaken, for their first 30 rush attempts, they only had 115 yards. That’s just like 3.2 yards per carry and 115 yards rushing on 30 carries, that’s not too bad of rush defense.

On forcing turnovers
We talked about that. We set that as our goal. We felt like that if we wanted a chance to win, we had to force some turnovers. I was very pleased with that. Our kids went out a couple of times with their backs against the wall, and we got two key interceptions. I was very pleased with that. We have to try to get that ball back to our offense as quickly as possible and to do that, we have to create turnovers. We got off the field seven times on three and outs, so we were very pleased with that as well.

Redshirt Senior Safety Darwin Cook

On the different mindset for the defense this season
It started in the spring, because we were just so mad with how things went last year. We wanted to prove a point. We gave up 16 points to Oklahoma on a couple of blown assignments and a lot of cheap rushing yards. We just have to correct those things

On serving as a leader with the offense
They’ve got leaders over there. KJ Myers is one of the guys who does a great job with them. I just leave the leadership for those on that side of the ball and focus on my guys on defense.

On how Cook’s success in his first two games has added to his confidence
You make a couple good plays in the first two games, but anything can change in the next week. I just have to stay humble. After the game, I just forget about it. That early success doesn’t mean anything if I go out and stink up the field against Georgia State. I’m just focused on the next game.

On taking advantage of his final season
I feel a sense of urgency because these are my last games here. I’ve only got 10 opportunities left. I’m just trying to take advantage of every opportunity I have.

Redshirt sophomore defensive lineman Kyle Rose

On the rotation of the defensive line
We really don’t have ones and twos. We all rotate in and everybody get s a chance to contribute. Any chance we get to make a play we’re all out there doing our job.

On how Rose felt the defense performance against Oklahoma
I believe we did some good things. We had like 10 tackles for loss. We definitely changed the line of scrimmage. Obviously, we didn’t do enough that we needed to do to get the win. We game planned pretty well for it. We have some things we need to work on. We need to get off blocks a little better and play harder when they run the ball.

On what Rose has seen from Georgia State
They’re a good team. They’re pretty explosive and have some good skill guys. The line is pretty solid and No. 2 has been making some pretty good plays. This is our first day game planning for them. You can never take a team lightly. Anybody, nowadays, can beat anybody.

On the potential for a letdown after playing Oklahoma
You’re not supposed to take any play for granted. You play every play to the best of your ability. We look forward to every game we play. You only have how many games in a season, so nothing is taken for granted.