Rowing Completes Day One of Competition

  • By Micah Truex
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  • March 16, 2013 10:38 PM
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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – The West Virginia University rowing team finished day one of racing at the Oak Ridge Cardinal Invitational Regatta on the Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The varsity 8+ ‘A’ crew of Hilary Meale, Rachelle Purych, Kelly Kramer, Lisa Deklau, Danielle Widecrantz, Jessica Hurlbert, Karen Verwey, Courtney Schrand, and coxswain Mallory Fisher, paced the Mountaineers in round one of racing, with a third-place finish of 6:57.90 against Louisville and Virginia.

The 8+ ‘B’ crew of Tamyra Roberts, Jeannine McCarty, Bethany Anne Sapen, Mollie Rosen, Mary Ignatiadis, Elizabeth Kantak, Melinda Sharon, Elizabeth Duarte and coxswain Ellen Shular finished in third place as well.

The varsity 4+ ‘A’ crew of Kaitlyn Eason, Susannah Hartlove, Allison Coates, Enya Messersmith and coxswain Alexandra Basil crossed the finish line in 8:24.50 for a third-place finish in their heat.

The 4+ ‘B’ crew of Mary Cook, Danika Rencken, Kimberlie May, Kendra Welker and coxswain Caitlin Madamba finished third their heat with a time of 8:40.40.

The 4+ ‘C’ crew of Caroline Mullins, Summer Socha, Sarah Taylor, Allyson Pytlak and coxswain Allison Arnold closed out round one for WVU with a time of 8:49.70, good enough for third place in their heat.

In round two, the 8+ ‘A’ crew of Meale, Purych, Kramer, Ignatiadis, Widecrantz, Hurlbert, Verwey, Schrand and coxswain Morgan Leach paced the Mountaineers again in round two against Dayton and Miami with a time of 6:49.30, good enough for second place.

The 8+ ‘B’ crew of Duarte, McCarty, Kantak, Rosen, Roberts, Sharon, Sapen, Deklau and coxswain Fisher finished in second place in their heat as well with a time of 6:55.13.

The 4+ crew of Rencken, Eason, Messersmith, May and coxswain Sarah Dodd crossed the finish line in 8:14.39 for a second-place finish.

The novice 8+ crew of Coates, Welker, Cook, Hartlove, Dulaney, Taylor, Angelica Fell, Pytlak and coxswain Brittany James finished out day one of racing for the Mountaineers with a time of 7:32.16 for a second-place finish.

Competition at Melton Hill Lake resumes tomorrow for round three of racing against Buffalo and Georgetown at 11:20 a.m.

Results and a full recap of the day’s action will be posted on WVUsports.com following the completion of the regatta.


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