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  • August 15, 2012 01:28 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Quotes from select Mountaineer football coaches during their media session today at the Milan Puskar Center:

Coach Daron Roberts

- On Ricky Rumph
Rick has shown a lot of toughness because he didn’t know he was going to be playing for West Virginia two months ago. When you watch him on tape and in the meeting rooms, everything about his demeanor says he wants to come in and contribute early. I feel like he has at least earned an opportunity to show himself on the field. He has been running with the No. 2, and he has done a great job. He has been consistent. We are going to give him some reps, and it is our hope that he can contribute early in the season.

He is just a naturally driven person. He has a lot of pride and he wants to put a good product on the field. He shows a lot of discipline in the weight room, and he is going to do everything he can to contribute to this team.

- On if he is concerned with young guys filling larger roles
It is not a concern to me because I am looking for guys that can cover the deep ball downfield. They can be 12 or 21 years old – I don’t care. If they can cover the deep ball, they are going to get a chance to play. The young guys, especially Nana (Kyeremeh) and Rick (Rumph), have shown us some things. We haven’t been in a real game environment with 65,000 people, but I haven’t seen either one of them have a situation get too big for them. With each practice, they have shown they can handle a heavy load.

Coach Bill Bedenbaugh

- On the progress of the offensive line
As a coach, you are never really truly satisfied. That is how you coach, though. You can’t let kids slide. We are doing a lot of good things. You have to constantly refine because you can always get better. It is about finding the little things that can be improved to make us that much better. At this point, I am happy with my group. We have some experience. My guys are playing physical and their whole attitude is different. Everything about these kids is different. They are getting close to the point where we want them, but they have to keep working.

- On the current depth chart
(Quinton) Spain is the left tackle, (Josh) Jenkins is the left guard, Joe (Madsen) is the center, (Jeff) Braun is the right guard and Pat (Eger) is the right tackle. Backups aren’t as clear right now. Tyler (Orlosky), Adam (Pankey) and Brandon Jackson are guys that are currently rolling in there. We have about 15 more practices left, so we will have the luxury of moving some guys inside. Spain and Eger will move inside in order to give Curtis Feigt and Nick Kindler a chance to play. Those two guys are our No. 6 and No. 7 guys right now. (John) Bassler is probably our No. 8 guy, and Braun has the ability to play center.

- On Mark Glowinski
Obviously, he was at a junior college last year, so they did things a little bit different. This is his 15th practice, but you can see the progression. He is unbelievable talented, and he has the athleticism. He has everything you can want in a lineman. Right now, he doesn’t sit great at all, but he is still effective. At times, it can get him beat, but at times, it doesn’t. You have to go out and prepare with the best technique for every single down, or you are going to get beat. He is coming along.

Coach Erik Slaughter

- On the defensive line’s progression
The defensive line is an interchangeable kind of deal. Just this week, we started double teaching guys. There has been a learning curve the last couple days. We felt like they were comfortable where they were. You want to put different combos on the field because you don’t want to be stuck. These are some bigger guys. For instance, the offense was doing the two-minute drill the other day. When you have 300-pound nose tackles, it is not smart to use them, so you have to go smaller. You can move will over and do a lot of things.

- On Christian Brown
He is doing well, and he wants to do well just like every other freshman. He works hard every day. Just like all the other freshmen, we are two weeks into camp, and they start to hit a wall. He has probably never had a guy like me that shows up every day and puts pressure on him to perform, but I am going to do that. He is experiencing the learning curve. I am just going to keep patting him on the back. Our older guys are doing a great job of helping him along. It is a grind for all the freshmen, because they have never been through anything like this. From the time you get up until the end of the day, you are rolling. You can’t go home and get patted on the back by mom. You don’t get to lay in your bed at home. It is tough. They are going through that, and they are all trying to do well.

- On Will Clarke’s leadership role
He is a great kid, and he cares. He is not a very vocal guy. He is quiet. He is playing with a lot of confidence right now. Will is becoming tougher mentally, and he is becoming more vocal. That is not his typical personality, so he has to do something that is out of character for him. He is really stepping up with the young guys, too. He is not just a defensive line leader – he is a team leader. He has the voice of this entire football team.

Coach Jake Spavital

- On quarterback reads and progressions
We are not just out there running plays. We are trying to figure out what the defense is doing. If you watch Peyton Manning, you will see a couple different things. If the defense is going to set up, he tempos. If the defense takes its time, he is going to take his time, too. You have to watch how the defense is setting up. Is it out there trying to match up on certain personnel, or do we need to check down in certain receiver?

- On Paul Millard
Paul has that gunslinger mentality, which can get him in trouble sometimes. He is doing well. We are putting him in a lot of different situations. He has shown where he can step up and get the job done for us, but there are times where he is still experiencing difficulties on the learning curve. He needs to understand he can’t be as greedy sometimes, and that it is okay to check down to a receiver. Overall, I am very pleased with how he has progressed.

I am comfortable with him if something were to happen to Geno (Smith). He has thick skin. He is very good at playing in this system. I am confident in his skill set in this offense.

- On Ford Childress
Right now, I believe it is our intent to redshirt him. He is at the point where Paul was last season. This is going to be a big year for him. I don’t want a kid just thinking that he is going to redshirt, though. You don’t want him to build a mentality that they aren’t going to be in the game. You want them to come into this facility every day with the idea that they are going to be a starter.


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