Match Point Blog: Give More, Take Less

  • By Erin Slinde
  • |
  • March 02, 2017 11:15 AM
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There are so many ways you can give back.
Some student-athletes from my school and I went to the WVU Children's Hospital to deliver singing WVU basketball bears signed by Bob Huggins, the head basketball coach.
As we walked in to each hospital room, wearing masks and gowns to protect the children whose immune systems had been weakened by the illnesses they battled, our hearts were full.
We handed each kid, whether they were four months or 13years old, a bear, and watched as their dull faces lit with joy.
You could tell that this was more than just a bear.
Watching how much these children appreciated each and every bear we gave them made me realize how privileged I really am.
Every one of those kids is fighting just to see another day.
It is so easy to forget that there are kids out there somewhere that pray to be as healthy and in the same position as you.
The lessons I learned from this experience are the following: Always give more and take less, appreciate every opportunity life your gives you, help those in need and continue to stay humble and kind.


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